February 22, 2017

Media Kit


STARTUPFEST is proud to present StartupExperience.CA, giving international startups the opportunity to work in a top Canadian accelerator or co-working space for three months. Following the success of 2016’s EchangeStartup program organized between Paris and Montreal, StartupExperience.CA will create and grow new relationships between startup communities on a global scale.


StartupExperience.ca is presented by Startupfest (Canada's largest startup event), and is aimed at connecting startups from around the globe with the Canadian startup community. Startupfest has become an international hub where the best and brightest in technology entrepreneurship come to innovate, inspire, and collaborate for 4 amazing days in the Old Port of Montreal. The festival has grown into one of the world's premier tech events, growing over 25% each year since its inception in 2011. It remains "unconventional, and unforgettable" with unique twists on the standard conference format like you've never seen before.


StarupExperience.CA, inviting international startups to work in one of Canada's top startup cities for three months.
StartupExperience.CA: Spend 3 months living the Canadian startup experience. You may never want to go home.


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